Monday, September 19, 2011

Evidence FBI part of Government Corruption

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                                  Evidence FBI are part of Government Corruption
       The FBI were petitioned to investigate Jesha Miller's Rights Violated Under Color
of Law & sent document affirming this to be Fact. The Unit Chief, Sandra A. Bungo
returned a letter saying that after reviewing my allegations they had determined there  was no evidence of misconduct by Special Agent Flagerty or any other FBI employee.
therefore, no further action will be taken by this office.
       As evidence that a crime had been committed attachment were with the trial transcripts
affirming the Judge David Kiley committed a CRIME pursuant to Title 18 sec. 243 which the exclusion of jurors on account of race. Next you have a document for Brian Flagerty & then U.S. Attorney Timothy M. Morrison to arrest & indict  Judge David Kiely for the Federal Crime which they failed to do. This is aiding & abetting a criminal from justice by their refusal to arrest him for a crime which they have done to numerous other people which they refuse to do when it involves one of their own. The evidence goes on to show that the U.S. Supreme Court committed dereliction of duty by refusing their duty to review the records when addressed by Habeas Corpus & releasing the prisoner from the illegal restraint. The 14th Amendment mandate that race discrimination be eliminated from all official acts & proceedings of the State is most compelling in the Judicial system. The statutory prohibition on discrimination in the selection of jurors 18 U.S.C. sec. 243, enacted pursuant to the 14th Amendments enabling clause makes race neutrality in jury selection a visible & inevitable measure of the Judicial Systems own commitment to the demands of the Constitution. This affirms the entire Judicial Branch is corrupt, including the FBI.
Be not deceived, they cover this up because this includes the U.S. Attorney General Eric
Holder & the FBI's own Public Integrity Section- Raymond Hulser so why wouldn't they say they see no evidence to save their own Branch of government. The FBI knew of this corruption all along & has done nothing because as I say the whole Judicial Branch of government is corrupt. On Blog you can see the evidence & oppression because I asked for 2 million in advance as a show of good faith & they say they don't see nothing. You can see for yourself so I have earned the right to the media for this to be known by the public.
Respectfully Submitted- Jesha Miller
Date 9-19-2011
________ AND COUNSEL JFOR THE PARTIES________________
3BY THE COURT:       Please be seated. 4
* *

9BY MR. VOWELS:      The question to the Judge.  At this point there is no black people in the jury & there were no
11                  black people in the jury panel.  We have a right to object
12                  to that.  I can tell you that I don't believe the law will
13     support it but, I think that, if we want to do that, Mr. 
14     Miller, we need to do it right now.                                                                     15BY THE DEFENDANT:   Yeah, we'll do object to that right now  16     then.
3. BY MR. VOWELS:       My client objects to the fact that none of the venire men nor the jury are black people. He and
5     that is based upon an assertion that he is entitled to a
6     jury of his peers. The component of race should be
7     included in the concept of peer. The fact that there are
8     no black people within this venire I think causes this
9     jury nort to be a jury of my client's peers.
                     page 250
1          By that I mean I don't think Indiana's in full
2      compliance with the federal government's motor/voter
3      regislation law. As a result of that we don't get a fair
4      cross-section in the venire and, as a result of that my
5      client's rights under the Federal and State Constitution
6      to a fair and impartial jury as mandated through the
7      Fourteenth Amendment and through the federal legislation
8      I think that's been violated. So, for the record, I make
9      that argument as well.
18 BY THE COURT:    Show it overruled
19 BY THE DEFENDANT: There is a violation, Your Honor
20 BY THE COURT:     Show it overruled. Sir, okay? We're going to start.
      Clearly Judge David Kiely willfully violates my right to a fair trial by an impartial jury which is a crime pursuant to Title 18 sec. 243. By FBI Agent Flagerty refusing to arrest & indict him he is aiding & abetting a criminal from justice. 
This is a government cover-up & below you can see the evidence
& Sandra A. Bungo is now a part of that cover-up as this evidence affirms members of the FBI are involved. 

FBI saying they don't see FBI agent Flagerty aiding & abetting Judge David Kiely from justice for the Federal Crime pursuant to Title 18 sec. Because of corruption they don't see it.
243.   I was held in violation of Constitutional Law # 250.2 (4) which provides: Every Black Man has a right under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution U.S.C.A., that in the selection of jurors to pass on his life, liberty, or property, THERE SHALL BE NO EXCLUSION OF HIS RACE, & no discrimination against them because of their color. Virginia v. Riles 100 U.S. 313 Also Raymond Hulser of the Public Integrity Section reused to
indict Judge David Kiely, so with the integrity section corrupt it is no wonder the FBI say they don't see nothing there but the evidence is listed which lends to an assurity of corruption in the entire Judicial Branch of government. The motive for corruption in the U.S. Supreme Court
was to cover-up the crime & deny 10 million dollars for the illegal imprisonment so oppression is also involved. Blacks still cannot get Justice in the Judicial system of government. As you are a witness to
Judge David Kiely overruling the right to a fair trial which is the unalienable right protected by the 6th Amendment which guarantees the right to a fair trial by an impartial jury. This violates my rights under color of law. Title 18 sec. 242. This STATUTE makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinace, or custom to willfully deprive any person of those rights, privileges, or immunities
secured or protected by the Constitution & laws of the U.S.
I have earned the right to coverage by the media with this evidence that even the FBI are corrupt & part of this government
cover-up. The oppression continued by them not showing a sign of good faith by advancing 2 million dollars to stop my economic oppression because remember part of the motive is to deny 10 million dollars for the illegal imprisonment.

 The letter the FBI say they don't see no evidence their agents did any wrong & then the trial transcript proving
they are lying. This evidence demands I get media coverage to expose corruption throughout Judicial Branch.
         judge Kiely is the Judge
         This affirms the exclusion of Blacks intentionally.
         Factual evidence blacks excluded on account of race
   Evidence Judge Kiely willfully denied the right to a fair trial.       
     Evidence FBI Agent Flaherty refused to indict Judge Kiely
    This includes the U.S. Attorney Timothy M. Morrison aiding
    Evidence U.S. Supreme Court denied the right to freedom by Habeas Corpus. A power denied government under Art.I, sec. 9
    That is the U.S. Supreme Court Stamp making this official.

  Constitutional law Jesha Miller was held in violation of & proves the Judicial system refusal to obey the demands of the Constitution.
      Proof Judge Kiely would not turn himself in but is still giving    
      time to other citizens when he himself is a criminal.

       Proves this is not frivolous so I'm entitled to 50 million
       dollars for government default on the constitutional rights.
       Evidence U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder refused to enforce the
       law & indict Judge David Kiely along with Judge Sarah E. Barker.
     Motive for FBI not to see nothing when not even the Public 
     Integrity Section would enforce the law against their own people.
        Evidence it is a crime to exclude people from a jury on the
        basis of race prohibited by the equal protection clause.